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Overflowing with antibodies and optimism

Antibodies, particularly those that are both potent and able to neutralize a broad swath of global HIV isolates, are all the rage. They are fueling vaccine design efforts and are also being optimized, combined, and tested for their ability to directly prevent, treat, or even cure HIV infection. There are now several vaccine candidates designed to induce broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV and nearly a dozen antibodies in development for prophylaxis. This has scientists more optimistic than ever that they are on the path to developing HIV vaccines and antibody-based prevention. This optimism was on parade at the biennial HIV Research for Prevention conference in Madrid, Spain. There is also increasing interesting in exploring mRNA as an HIV vaccine delivery platform. With all this activity, it is is hard not to share in the enthusiasm that pervades the HIV prevention field today.

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Sunday, July 14 2019
STI & HIV 2019 World Congress
Vacouver, Canada
Sunday, July 21 2019
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