Antibodies: Treatment, prevention, and cure?

We’ve reported extensively on antibodies over the past few years as they have come to revolutionize efforts to prevent or treat HIV infection. Progress on this front continues. In this issue we report on the major findings presented at the HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P) conference held in October. At this meeting, as in many of recent memory, antibodies were a prominent theme. From the trials testing the ability of directly administered broadly neutralizing antibodies to prevent HIV infection to the latest efforts to engineer a series of vaccine immunogens that could induce these powerful proteins, antibodies are fueling scientific developments in many areas.


Recent Features

Living Positive in Malaysia

HIV GreenQ&A with Andrew Tan, founder and president of myPlus, a network of HIV-positive people in Malaysia. Tan came out in public as an HIV-positive gay man in his speech opening night of IAS 2013.


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Upcoming Meetings

Sunday, March 26 2017
Keystone Symposia: HIV Vaccines
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA
Thursday, April 6 2017
HIV & Hepatitis in the Americas
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sunday, April 23 2017
Keystone Symposia: B Cells and T Follicular Helper Cells – Controlling Long-Lived Immunity
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada