"We're Not Done"

When thousands of HIV researchers, clinicians, and advocates descend upon Durban, South Africa, next month the situation will be dramatically different than it was 16 years ago when the International AIDS Conference was held in this coastal city. Then, life-saving antiretroviral drugs were still not widely available in developing countries. But after the 2000 AIDS conference everything changed. A “movement” began, as current President of the International AIDS Society Chris Beyrer calls it. That movement has resulted in 17 million people receiving antiretroviral therapy. But Beyrer warns against declaring victory too early. In this issue, he talks about the successes in battling HIV/AIDS as well as the multiple challenges that still remain. Also in this issue, a report on dengue and the development of vaccines to fend off this mosquito-borne pathogen and the story of the prolific, young scientist Dan Barouch, whose relentless dedication to all areas of HIV research are helping to propel the quest for a vaccine.


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Living Positive in Malaysia

HIV GreenQ&A with Andrew Tan, founder and president of myPlus, a network of HIV-positive people in Malaysia. Tan came out in public as an HIV-positive gay man in his speech opening night of IAS 2013.


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Friday, September 9 2016
5th Annual Rural HIV Research and Training Conference
Savannah, Georgia, USA
Thursday, October 13 2016
HIV/AIDS Research: Its History & Future
Cold Spring Harbor, New York, USA
Friday, October 14 2016
5th Latin American Meeting on Hepatitis & HIV
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil